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Spring/Summer 2005, 26:1

Latin American Music Review
The Oaxaca Cathedral Exámen de Oposición and the Quest for a Modern Style
Mark Brill
Borderland Music as Symbolic Forms of Nationalism: The Best of the Texas Tornados, Partners, and ¡Viva Luckenbach!
Margaret E. Dorsey
Making it There: Piazzolla's New York Concerts
David Butler Cannata
Stravinsky y la constelación ideológica argentina en 1936
Omar Corrado
Film Music and Community Development in Rural Puerto Rico: The DIVEDCO Program (1948–1991)
Donald Thompson


Andean Entrepreneurs: Otavalo Merchants and Musicians in the Global Arena by Lynn A. Meisch
Michelle Wibbelsman
Sounding Indigenous: Authenticity in Bolivian Music Performance by Michelle Bigenho
Elizabeth LaBate
Lenguajes, imaginarios y mediaciones en la canción popular montevideana (1962–1999) by Ernesto Donas y Denise Milstein
Marcos Napolitano
The Piano Works of Aurelio de la Vega (CD) Martha Marchena, piano
Carl Byron