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January/April 2005, 14:1/2

Journal of the History of Sexuality

Special Issue: Studying the History of Sexuality: Theory, Methods, Praxis

Guest Editors: Julian Carter and Lesley A. Hall

Introduction: Theory, Methods, Praxis: The History of Sexuality and the Question of Evidence
Julian Carter
Without a Trace: Sexuality and the Colonial Archive
Anjali Arondekar
Where in the World are the Lesbians?
Linda Garber
Vernon Lee's Place in Lesbian History: Some Thoughts on Letters, Evidence, and Desire
Sally Newman
Feminine Masculinities: Scientific and Literary Representations of "Female Inversion" at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Claudia Breger
On Mother-Love: History, Queer Theory, and Nonlesbian Identity
Julian Carter
Twilight Moments
Anna Clark
What's Law Got to Do with It? Legal Records and Sexual Histories
Stephen Robertson
Remembering Foucault
Jeffrey Weeks