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Summer 2005, 40:3

Information & Culture

Perceiving the Past: Essays Honoring the Legacy of Donald G. Davis, Jr.

Edited by Cheryl Knott Malone, Hermina G. B. Anghelescu, and John Mark Tucker

Introduction: Donald G. Davis, Jr.: A Gentleman and a Scholar
Cheryl Knott Malone, Hermina G. B. Anghelescu, and John Mark Tucker
The Cover
Judith Overmier

Library History Education and Research

History in the Library and Information Science Curriculum: Outline of a Debate
Christine Pawley
Early American Imprint Bibliography and Its Stories: An Introductory Course in Bibliographical Civics
Donald W. Krummel
Assessing What We Wrote: A Review of the Libraries & Culture Literature Reviews, 1967–2002
Edward A. Goedeken
Quantifying the "Goodness" of Library History Research: A Bibliometric Study of the Journal of Library History/Libraries & Culture
Andrew B. Wertheimer

Libraries, Books, and Culture

In Union There Is Strength: The Farmers' Institute and the Western Literary Union Library
David M. Hovde and John W. Fritch
Reading Hilda's Home: Gender, Print Culture, and the Dissemination of Utopian Thought in Late-Nineteenth-Century America
Joanne E. Passet
Southern Librarianship and the Culture of Resentment
James V. Carmichael, Jr.
Changing the Geography of Reading in a Southern Border State: The Rosenwald Fund and the WPA in Oklahoma
Louise S. Robbins
Collecting Contested Titles: The Experience of Five Small Public Libraries in the Rural Midwest, 1893-1956
Wayne Wiegand

International Perspectives

The Library of Congress Becomes a World Library, 1815–2005
John Y. Cole
American Bookwomen in Paris during the 1920s
Mary Niles Maack
The Library as Clinic: A Foucauldian Interpretation of British Public Library Attitudes to Social and Physical Disease, ca. 1850–1950
Alistair Black
European Integration: Are Romanian Libraries Ready?
Hermina G. B. Anghelescu

Legacy of a Mentor

From Libraries & Culture to the Bibliothèque nationale
Bette W. Oliver
Fides et Historia: Christian Sources for the Professional Contributions of Donald G. Davis, Jr.
John Mark Tucker
Chronology and Bibliography of Donald G. Davis, Jr.