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Fall 2005, 9:1

Diálogo, an Interdisciplinary Studies Journal
Latinos in the Midwest: Advancing in el Mero Medio
Félix Masud-Piloto
Pilsen: A Mexican Global City in the Midwest
Juan Mora-Torres
Exercises in Puerto Rican Self-Determination: The Humboldt Park Participatory Democracy Project
Michael Rodríguez Muñiz
Soy a Dyke, ¿Y Qué? A Quest for Identity and Sacred Space
Rosa Yadira Ortiz
Latinos Under the (Black) Pen: Reflections from the Local Black Press on Impending Changing Demographics
Lorenzo Covarrubias
Latinos in Higher Education: Illinois Latino Council on Higher Education
Elizabeth F. Ortiz
Spanish Language use in Chicago
Kim Potowski
The Illusion of Inclusion: The Latino Experience in the United States
Darío Menanteau-Horta
The Quinceañera: Ritual Roots Transcending Borders
Wendy E. Phillips
Argentina and the Pursuit of Justice
Ben Shankland
La Niña y el Presidente
Raúl Dorantes


Development of Puerto Rican Nationalist Thought in Chicago
José E. López and Efraín Martínez
Buenos Aires to Chicago: A Conversation with Argentine Tango Masters Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau
Gloria Arquimbau, Eduardo Arquimbau, Sonia Soltero, and José Soltero
Marcos Raya: The Anguish of Being
Marcos Raya, Claudia Morales-Haro, and María I. Ochoa

Rincón Creativo

Yarisa Colón Torres
Yolanda Nieves
On Division Street; The Night I Met Lolita Lebron
Erika Abad
Definition of a Batey Poet
Jovannie Vargas