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Winter 2004, 60:4

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editor's Notes: Integrative Approaches
R. John Huber
Adler—Psychotherapy and Freud
Heinz L. Ansbacher
Early Memory and Narrative Therapy
Richard L. Hester
Lovaas's Behavioral Treatment of Autism Viewed from an Adlerian Perspective
R. John Huber and Donna M. Zivalich
How the Columbine High School Tragedy Could Have Been Prevented
Elliot Aronson
Fostering Social Interest in Schools for Long-Term and Short-Term Outcomes
Danielle T. Guzick, William J. Dorman, Tricia S. Groff, Ellen R. Altermatt, and G. Alfred Forsyth
Research Support for Individual Psychology's Parenting Model
Kelly P. Gfroerer, Roy M. Kern, and William L. Curlette
Ken Wilber and Alfred Adler: Ascendance and Transcendence
Dorothy E. Peven
Adler and Binswanger: Individual Psychology and Existentialism
Trevor Hjertaas
Expanding Social Interest Through Forgiveness
Robert J. McBrien
Individual Psychology and Judaism: A Comparative Essay
Guy J. Manaster
Index to Volume 60