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Winter 2004, 43:2

Perennial Detour: The Cinema of Edgar G. Ulmer and the Experience of Exile
Noah Isenberg
Love and Desire in the Cinema
Torben Grodal
Punk Cinema
Stacy Thompson
Lost on Mulholland Drive: Navigating David Lynch's Panegyric to Hollywood
Todd McGowan
In Focus: Teaching 9/11
[Introduction] by Louise Spence
Applied Humanism: The Re:constructions Project by Henry Jenkins
Cultivating Critical Eyes: Teaching 9/11 through Video and Cinema by Jacqueline Brady
Teaching 9/11 and Why I'm Not Doing It Anymore by Louise Spence
Teaching through Feelings and Personal Beliefs: 9/11 as Case Study by Sarah Projansky
After the Fall: Cinema Studies Post-9/11 by B. Ruby Rich
Teaching Film after 9/11 by Wheeler Winston Dixon
Pedagogy, Film, and the Responsibility of Intellectuals: A Response by Henry A. Giroux
Archival News
Eric Schaefer, Dan Streible
Professional Notes
Paula J. Massood, Rebecca M. Gordon