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Summer 2004, 60:2

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editor's Notes: Early Recollections
Arthur J. Clark
Early Recollections: A Conversation
Guy J. Manaster and Mark Mays
Emotion, Experience, and Early Recollections: Exploring Restorative Reorientation Processes in Adlerian Therapy
J. Graham Disque and James Robert Bitter
Early Recollections: A Guide for Practitioners
Roy M. Kern, Susan E. Belangee, and Daniel Eckstein
On the Meaning of Color in Early Recollections
Arthur J. Clark
Using Early Recollections in Case Consultation
John F. Newbauer and Rachel Shifron
Using Early Memory Metaphors and Client-Generated Metaphors in Adlerian Therapy
Richard Kopp and Daniel Eckstein
A Comparison of the Early Recollections of Adopted and Nonadopted Adults
Stephen G. Saiz and Frank O. Main
Martin Luther King Jr's Lifestyle and Social Interest in His Autobiographical Early Memories
Mahiri Mwita