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2004 JLAG, 3

Journal of Latin American Geography
Latin American Development and the Globalization Imperative: New Directions, Familiar Crises
David J. Keeling
A Planned City Comes of Age: Rethinking Ciudad Guayana Today
Clara Irazabal
Demographic Changes in the Purepecha Region of Michoacan, Mexico: 1970–2000
Paul Marr and Christopher Sutton
Incidental Agroforestry in Honduras: The Jicaro Tree (Crescentia spp.) and Pasture Land Use
Joby Bass
Wildfires in Amazonia: A Pilot Study Examining the Role of Farming Systems, Social Capital, and Fire Contagion
Cynthia S. Simmons, Robert T. Walker, Charles H. Wood, Eugenio Arima, and Mark Cochrane


Expansion of Mechanized Agriculture and Land-Cover Change in Southern Rondonia, Brazil
J. Christopher Brown, Wendy Jepson, and Kevin P. Price
Report on Recent Research Themes in Latin American Development Geography
Thomas Klak
Pollen Evidence of the Earliest Maize Agriculture in Costa Rica
Martin R. Arford and Sally P. Horn