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Fall 2004, 60:3

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors' Notes: Individual Psychology: Sign of the Times
Roy M. Kern and William L. Curlette
Similarities Between Jewish Philosophical Thought and Adler's Individual Psychology
Gert Rietveld
Purposeful Aging: Teleological Perspectives on the Development of Social Interest in Late Adulthood
Jeffrey M. Penick
The Indivisible Self: An Evidence-Based Model of Wellness
Jane E. Myers and Thomas J. Sweeney
The Predictability of Adlerian Lifestyle Themes Compared to Demographic Variables Associated with College Student Drinking
Todd F. Lewis and Richard E. Watts
"Lost? or Stuck?" An Adlerian Technique for Understanding the Individual's Psychological Movement
Wes Wingett and Al Milliren
Parents' Prism: Three Dimensions of Effective Parenting
Erik Mansager and Roger Volk
An Analysis of the Reliability of the BASIS-A Inventory Using a Northeastern and Southeastern U.S. Sample
Paul R. Peluso, Jennifer P. Peluso, Janine P. Buckner, William L. Curlette, and Roy M. Kern
Adler and Glasser: A Demonstration and Dialogue
Paul R. Peluso