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Fall 2004, 44:1

"That's Jazz Made in Germany!": Hallo, Fräulein! and the Limits of Democratic Pedagogy
Jennifer Fay
Disabling African American Men: Liberalism and Race Message Films
John Nickel
"You're Next!": Postwar Hegemony Besieged in Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Katrina Mann
"Too Close for Comfort": American Beauty and the Incest Motif
Kathleen Rowe Karlyn
In Focus: Film History, or a Baedeker Guide to the Historical Turn
[Introduction] by Sumiko Higashi
Historiographic Method and the Study of Early Cinema by Charles Musser
History Can Work for You, You Know How to Use It by Richard Abel
Film History and the Two Presents of Feminist Film Theory by Jane M. Gaines
Woof, Warp, History by Lee Grieveson
The Future of the Past by Janet Staiger
Jargon and the Crisis of Readability: Methodology, Language, and the Future of Film History by Steven J. Ross
Does Film History Need a Crisis? by Robert Sklar
Collaborative Research, Doc? by Donald Crafton
Archival News
Scott Higgins, Sara Ross
Professional Notes
Kirsten Moana Thompson, Rebecca M. Gordon