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Summer 2003, 42:4

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies
"It's Only a Piece of Meat": Gender Ambiguity, Sexuality, and Politics in The Crying Game and M. Butterfly
Leighton Grist
AIDS References in the Critical Reception of David Cronenberg: "It May Not Be Such a Bad Disease after All"
Ernest Mathijs
The Genesis of Days of Heaven
Hubert Cohen
Long Live Death! The End of Revolution in Luis Buñuel's The Phantom of Liberty
Julie Jones
Making It in Hollywood: Clara Bow, Fandom, and Consumer Culture
Marsha Orgeron
Dazzled by the Light: Technological Entertainment and Its Social Impact in Varieté
Frances Guerin
Archival News
Eric Schaefer, Dan Streible
Professional Notes
Paula J. Massood, Sudhir Mahadevan