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Spring 2003, 59:1

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors' Notes: Making a Contribution to Individual Psychology
William L. Curlette and Roy M. Kern
2002 Ansbacher Address:
Adlerian Psychology: Looking Backward and Forward
Harold H. Mosak
Adlerian Lifestyle Analysis of Lakota Women: Implications for Counseling
Richard L. Roberts, Ruth Harper, Rebecca Caldwell, and Marianne Decora
Psychological Birth Order and the BASIS-A Inventory
Kelly P. Gfroerer, Coleman A. Gfroerer, William L. Curlette, JoAnna White, and Roy M. Kern
The Relationship of Multidimensional Perfectionism to Psychological Birth Order
Jeffrey S. Ashby, Kenneth A. LoCicero, and Mary Catherine Kenny
A Comparison of Educational Theory: Alfred Adler and John Dewey
Isabel Ann Dwornik
Adler: East, West, and Beyond
Shulamith Sakin-Wolf
Robert L. Powers's Original Contribution to “Spirituality in the Adlerian Forum”
Robert L. Powers
Business and Organizations: Adler and the Profession of Coaching
Linda J. Page
Biopsychosocial Issues: Psychotherapy and the Quest for Optimal Physical and Psychological Health
Len Sperry