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Fall 2003, 59:3

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors' Notes: Individual Psychology with Children, Adolescents, and Adults
Roy M. Kern and William L. Curlette
A Comparison of Individual Psychology and Attachment Theory
Deborah A. Weber
Freud and Adler on Agency and Determinism in the Shaping of Personality
L. Scott Smith
Predictors of Social Interest in Young Adults
Patrick Johnson, Adina J. Smith, and Mark D. Nelson
Social Interest, Connectedness, and Challenging Experiences: What Makes High School Mentors Persist?
Michael J. Karcher and Jenny Lindwall
Adler and Ubuntu: Using Adlerian Principles in the New South Africa.
Greg Brack, Michele B. Hill, Dana Edwards, Nomalanga Grootboom, and Pamela Lassiter


Education: E.Q. and Peer Coaching
Chari Campbell
Family Interventions: Using Early Memories to Emphasize the Strengths of Teenagers
Rachel Shifron and Betty Lou Bettner
Psychological Strategies: Emotional Reorientation: A Clinical Strategy
Paul R. Rasmussen