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Winter 2002, 58:4

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editor's Notes: DSM-IV in Clinical Practice Today
Len Sperry
The DSM and Individual Psychology: A General Comparison
Michael P. Maniacci
A Critical Look at the DSM-IV
Maureen Duffy, Scott E. Gillig, Richard M. Tureen, and Miguel A. Ybarra
Religious and Spiritual Problem V-Code: An Adlerian Assessment
Erik Mansager
The Use of the DSM-IV in Treatment Planning: An Adlerian View
Michael P. Maniacci and Laurie A. Sackett-Maniacci
From Psychopathology to Transformation: Retrieving the Developmental Focus in Psychotherapy
Len Sperry
Culture-bound Syndromes: Initial Perspectives from Individual Psychology
Alexis O. Miranda and Linda D. Fraser
DSM-IV: Making It More Clinician Friendly
Len Sperry
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