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Spring 2002, 41:3

Gauging a Revolution: 16mm Film and the Rise of the Pornographic Feature
Eric Schaefer
The Twilight Zone of Contemporary Hollywood Production

Charles S. Tashiro

Reel Revolutionaries: An Examination of Hollywood's Cycle of 1960s Youth Rebellion Films
Aniko Bodroghkozy
Inner-City Exhibition and the Genre Film: Distributing Night of the Living Dead (1968)
Kevin Heffernan
Historiography and Sinification: Music in Chinese Cinema of the 1930s
Yeh Yueh-yu
Imagined Islands: White Shadows in the South Seas and Cultural Ambivalence
Jeffrey Geiger
Archival News
Eric Schaefer, Dan Streible
Professional Notes
Paula J. Massood, Sudhir Mahadevan