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Volume 21 (2002)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
Popular, Elite and Mass Culture? The Spanish Zarzuela in Buenos Aires, 1890–1900
Kristen McCleary
The Sainete Porteño, 1890–1935: The Image of Jews in the Argentine Popular Theater
Donald S. Castro
Argentine Graphic Arts and the Rise of the Tango
Patrick Frank
Soñando con Hollywood: Los estudios Baires y la industria cinematográfica en Argentina
Paula Félix-Didier
Raymundo Gleyzer (1941–1976): El otro cine militante
Fernando Martín Peña
The Transatlantic Tango: Sally Potter's The Tango Lesson
Lori Hopkins
Tango, Like Scotch, Is Best Taken Straight": Cosmopolitan Tastes and Bodies Out of Place
Laura Podalsky
MTV Latino: Identidad, nación y rock
Paula Rodríguez Marino 
From Villa to Village: Situating Argentina's Theatrical Coordinates on the Global Map
Victoria Ruétalo
The Mouth of the Wolf: Radio and Anthropology
Alan O'Connor
La gaita ¡Que suene a gaita! Venezuelan Regional Music at the Crossroads of Authenicity
Light Carruyo
Tres Mujeres: Reclaiming National Culutre in the Post-Colonial Telenovela
Marietta Morrissey
Happy Sadist or Latent Feminist?: Un Buñuel Mexicain
Caryn Connelly and Juliet Lynd