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January/April 2002, 11:1/2

Journal of the History of Sexuality
Hubris and Hypocrisy, Incitement and Disavowal: Sexuality and German Fascism
Dagmar Herzog
Sexuality and Nazism: The Doubly Unspeakable?
Elizabeth D. Heineman
Backlash against Prostitutes' Rights: Origins and Dynamics of Nazi Prostitution Policies
Julia Roos
Homophobic Propaganda and the Denunciation of Same-Sex-Desiring Men under National Socialism
Stefan Micheler, Patricia Szobar
Telling Sexual Stories in the Nazi Courts of Law: Race Defilement in Germany, 1933 to 1945
Patricia Szobar
Fascism and the Female Form: Performance Art in the Third Reich
Terri J. Gordon
Forbidden Company: Romantic Relationships between Germans and Foreigners, 1939 to 1945
Birthe Kundrus, Patricia Szobar
Sex with a Purpose: Prostitution, Venereal Disease, and Militarized Masculinity in the Third Reich
Annette F. Timm
The Denial of Homosexuality: Same-Sex Incidents in Himmler's SS and Police
Geoffrey J. Giles
Victims, Villains, and Survivors: Gendered Perceptions and Self-Perceptions of Jewish Displaced Persons in Occupied Postwar Germany
Atina Grossmann
The Pink Triangle and Political Consciousness: Gays, Lesbians, and the Memory of Nazi Persecution
Erik N. Jensen