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Winter 2002, 37:1

Information & Culture
Editorial Note
Donald G. Davis, Jr.
Thomas F. Staley
List of Participants
Opening Remarks
Fleur Cowles
Keynote Address
William M. Chace


Special Collections Libraries: Looking Ahead by Looking Back
Richard Wendorf
The Future of Libraries and Humanities Research: New Strategic Directions for the British Library
Lynne Brindley
"Only Connect!": Institutional Planning and Funding
Ellen Dunlap
The Impact of Digitalization on Special Collections in Libraries
Peter Hirtle
Pushing Paper: Dealers and Institutional Collectors
Lisa Browar
Excavating the Imagination: Archival Research and the Digital Revolution
Ronald Schuchard
My Infinite Library
Warwick Gould
National Collections, Global Collecting: The Responsibilities of Librarians as Collectors
Alice Prochaska
The Bridge Beyond
Prosser Gifford

Notes & Essays

The Cover
Fleur Cowles