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Winter 2001, 57:4

Journal of Individual Psychology
Not Quite As It Seems
Roy M. Kern and William L. Curlette
Adler and Dreikurs: Cognitive-Social Dynamic Innovators
Eva Dreikurs Ferguson
The Applicability of Individual Psychology for Work with Conservative Christian Clients
Jason E. Kanz
Feelings and Spirituality: A Holistic Perspective
Steve Slavik and James Croake
The Relationship of Psychological Birth Order to the Family Atmosphere and to Personality
Alan E. Stewart, Elizabeth A. Stewart, and Linda F. Campbell
An Exploration of Social Interest in British Students' Post-Conservatism
Ann Macaskill, John Maltby, and Liza Day
Teacher In-Service, Experiential Learning, and Individual Psychology
Jason N. Snow and Roy M. Kern