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Summer 2001, 57:2

Journal of Individual Psychology

Editors' Notes

"I Always Knew Mom and Dad Loved Me Best": Experiences of Only Children
Lisen C. Roberts and Priscilla White Blanton
Language and Family of Origin Experiences
Alan E. Stewart
Lifestyle Profiles and Interventions for Aggressive Adolescents
Sandi Smith, Roy M. Kern, William L. Curlette, and Fran Mullis
The Courage to Love: Social Interest and Sexuo-Morphological Meaning
Sten Eirik
The Purpose of Sexual Deviancy: Clinical Implications and Adjunctive Treatment Strategies
Paul R. Rasmussen, Richard D. McAnulty, and Jessica Mangum


Biopsychosocial Issues: Venus Envy
Robert L. Powers and Jane Griffith
Education: Teaching the Ideas: Creating a Sense of Belonging to Build Safe Schools
Dana Edwards and Fran Mullis