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Winter 2001, 36:1

Information & Culture

Books, Libraries, Reading and Publishing in the Cold War

Martine Poulain
Editorial Note
Donald G. Davis, Jr.

Session 1: Books during the Cold War

"With malice toward none": IFLA and the Cold War
Donald G. Davis, Jr., assisted by Nathaniel Feis (USA)
A Soviet Research Library Remembered
Edward Kasinec (USA)
The Overseas Libraries Controversy and the Freedom to Read: U.S. Librarians and Publishers Confront Joseph McCarthy
Louise S. Robbins (USA)
The Effect of the Cold War on Librarianship in China
Cheng Huanwen (China)
Political Censorship in Finnish Libraries from 1944 to 1946
Kai Ekholm (Finland)
Books and Libraries as Instruments of Cultural Diplomacy in Francophone Africa during the Cold War
Mary Niles Maack (USA)

Session 2: Publishing during the Cold War

Censors and their Readers: Selling, Silencing, and Reading Czech Books
Jirina Smejkalova (Czech Republic)
Control of Literary Communication in the 1945–1956 Period in Poland
Oskar Stanislaw Czarnik (Poland)
International Harmony: Threat or Menace? U.S. Youth Services Librarians and Cold War Censorship, 1946–1955
Christine Jenkins (USA)
Le Comité de Défence de la Littérature et de la Presse pour la Jeunesse: The Communists and the Press for Children during the Cold War
Thierry Crépin (France)

Session 3: Reading during the Cold War

Reading in the Context of Censorship in the Soviet Union
Valeria D. Stelmakh (Russia)
Symbolic Censorship and Control of Appropriations: The French Communist Party Facing "Heretical" Texts during the Cold War
Bernard Pudal (France)
American Literature in Cold War Germany
Martin Meyer (Germany)
A Cold War Best-Seller: The Reaction to Arthur Koestler's Darkness at Noon in France from 1945 to 1950
Martine Poulain (France)
Library Secret Fonds and the Competition of Societies
István Király (Romania)

Session 4: Libraries during the Cold War

Cold War Librarianship: Soviet and American Library Activities in Support of National Foreign Policy, 1946–1991
Pamela Spence Richards (USA)
Foreign Libraries in the Mirror of Soviet Library Science during the Cold War
Boris Volodin (Russia)
Finland Pays Its Debts and Gets Books in Return: ASLA Grants to the Finnish Research Libraries, 1950–1967
Ilkka Mäkinen (Finland)
Romanian Libraries Recover after the Cold War: The Communist Legacy and the Road Ahead
Hermina G. B. Anghelescu (USA)
Leaning on One Side: The Impact of the Cold War on Chinese Library Collections
Priscilla C. Yu (USA)
Martin Manning