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Fall 2001, 57:3

Journal of Individual Psychology

Editors' Notes

Adlerian School-based Interventions for Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Dana L. Edwards and Kelly P. Gfroerer
Lifestyle Profiles and Interventions for Aggressive Adolescents
Sandi Smith, Roy M. Kern, William L. Curlette, and Fran Mullis
An Adlerian Reconceptualization of Traumatic Reactions
Ilan Strauch
Forgiveness: A Conflict Resolution Strategy in the Workplace
Deborah S. Butler and Fran Mullis
Encouraging Self-Encouragement: An Effect Study of the Encouraging-Training Schoenaker-Concept®
Renie Bahlmann and Lynda D. Dinter
Using Bibliotherapy with Clients
Shelley A. Jackson
A Modified Life Style Assessment and Its Use in the School Setting
Rita S. Lee


Biopsychosocial Issues: The Biological Dimension in Biopsychosocial Therapy: Theory and Clinical Applications with Couples
Len Sperry