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Fall 2001, 41:1

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies
Lesbian Locations: The Production of Lesbian Bar Space in The Killing of Sister George
Kelly Hankin
Zero Patience, Genre, Difference, and Ideology: Singing and Dancing Queer Nation
Christopher Gittings
The Transnational Ga(y)ze: Constructing the East European Object of Desire in Gay Film and Pornography after the Fall of the Wall
Nicholas F. Radel
The Elusive/Ubiquitous Representation of Rape: A Historical Survey of Rape in U.S. Film, 1903-1972
Sarah Projansky
Film Stills Methodologies: A Pedagogical Assignment
Barry J. Mauer
Introducing Students to Film
[Introduction] by Robin Bates
What "Kind" of Film History Do We Teach?: The Introductory Survey Course as a Pedagogical Opportunity by Frank P. Tomasulo
Teaching an Introductory Cinema Class to Production-Oriented Students by Doreen Bartoni
Cinema in the English Department Introductory Course, or, How to Make Film an "Element of Literature" by Peter Mascuch
Promoting Deep Learning through the Use of Effective Textbooks by Warren Buckland
"It's Just a Movie": A Teaching Essay for Introductory Media Classes by Greg M. Smith
Archival News
Eric Schaefer, Dan Streible
Professional Notes
Paula J. Massood, Sudhir Mahadevan