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Winter 2000, 56:4

Journal of Individual Psychology

Editors' Notes

The Adlerian Perspective in the Context of Contemporary Marriages
Priscilla White Blanton
Basic Needs, Conflict, and Dynamics in Groups
Karen John
Globalization and Community Feeling: Are They Compatible?
Arthur G. Nikelly
Multidimensional Perfectionism and Lifestyle Approaches in Middle School Students
Kenneth A. LoCicero, Jeffrey S. Ashby, and Roy M. Kern
The Relationship between Self-Efficacy and Lifestyle Patterns
Lynda D. Dinter
Birth Order Differences in Self-Attributions for Achievement
Antoinette S. Phillips and Carl R. Phillips
Empirical Studies Indicating Significant Birth-Order-Related Personality Differences
Daniel Eckstein

Family Interventions

Using the Crucial Cs to Explore Gender Roles with Couples
Catherine E. Conway