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Summer 2000, 56:2

Journal of Individual Psychology

Editors' Notes

Working Together Works Best
Roy M. Kern and William L. Curlette


Readership Survey for The Journal of Individual Psychology
William L. Curlette, Roy M. Kern, and Susan E. Belangee
A Comparative Study of Adler and Buber: From Contact to Cooperation
Manu Jääskeläinen
Three Life Tasks or Five?
Erik Mansager and Leo Gold
The Relationships Between Personality Priorities and Affect, Depression, Self-Efficacy, and Fear of Intimacy
Jeffrey S. Ashby and Terry Kottman
Understanding and Reframing Resistance Using Angels and Devils as Metaphor
Warren R. Rule
Safeguarding Tendencies: Implications for the Counseling Process
Arthur J. Clark
Leadership Characteristics, Social Interest, and Learning Organizations
Kimberly A. Knutson and Alexis O. Miranda
The Application of Adlerian Psychotherapy with Asian-Americans
J. Matthew Carlson and Jon D. Carlson


Research: Youth and Violence: Reflections
Mark Mays and Guy J. Manaster