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Summer 2000, 39:4

"White Man's Book No Good": D. W. Griffith and the American Indian
Gregory S. Jay
The British Culture Industries and the Mythology of the American Market: Cultural Policy and Cultural Exports in the 1940s and 1990s
Paul Swann
Crossing Borders: Time, Memory, and the Construction of Identity in "Song of the Exile"
Patricia Brett Erens
Stanley Kwan's "Center Stage": The (Im)possible Engagement between Feminism and Postmodernism
Shuqin Cui
Connecting Film/Media Studies to Student Experiences
[Introduction] by Ramona Curry
Connecting to Film History through Writing by Robin Bates
Teaching "The Scent of Green Papaya" in Saigon: Cinema in International Context by Linda C. Ehrlich
Critical Media Studies and the North American Media Literacy Movement by Jim Wehmeyer
Archival News
Brian Taves
Professional Notes
Paula J. Massood, Anne Morey