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2000 Yearbook

Journal of Latin American Geography
Introduction: Latin Americanist Research in the New Millennium
David J. Keeling
Demise at the Edge of Empire: Native Depopulation in Dominica, 1493–1647
Wayne Burke and W. George Lovell
Coffee in Nicaragua: Introduction and Expansion in the Nineteenth Century
Craig S. Revels
The Mexican Community in Scottsdale, Arizona
John Harner
Beyond Deforestation: The Social Context of Forest Change in Two Indigenous Communities in Highland Mexico
Dan Klooster
Discharge, Sediment, and Channel Characteristics of the Río Panuco, Mexico
Paul F. Hudson
Why International Migration has Important Consequences for the Development of Belize
Elizabeth C. Babcock and Dennis Conway
Chile's Wine Industry: Historical Character and Changing Geography
William K. Crowley
The Effects of Timber Haulage Improvements on Mahogany Extraction in Belize: An Historical Geography
Michael Camille
Beyond Imperial Domination and Resistance: Extrapolating the Late Colonial Amazonian Cultural Landscape from the Visual Record
Roberta Marx Delson

From The Field

A Preliminary Analysis of Soil Erosion and Buffelgrass in Sonora, Mexico
Eric P. Perramond
Hace Cincuenta Años: Repeat Photography and Landscape Change in the Sierra Purépecha of Michoacán, Mexico
Martha A. Works and Keith S. Hadley

Book Review

CLAG Honors

CLAG Retrospectives