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Winter 2000, 35:1

Information & Culture

Library History Research in America

Essays Commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Library History Round Table American Library Association Edited by Andrew B. Wertheimer and Donald G. Davis, Jr. Authorized and Supported by the Library History Round Table

Andrew B. Wertheimer and Donald G. Davis, Jr.

Critical Approach to Library History

American Library History Literature, 1947-1997: Theoretical Perspectives?
Wayne A. Wiegand

Pioneers of the Library History Round Table

Louis Shores and Library History
Lee Shiflett
The Library History Round Table's First Twenty-five Years: Reminiscences and Remarks on Recent Research
John David Marshall

New Directions for Library History

Library Feminism and Library Women's History: Activism and Scholarship, Equity and Culture
Suzanne Hildenbrand
International Dimensions of Library History: Leadership and Scholarship, 1978-1998
Mary Niles Maack
Toward a Multicultural American Public Library History
Cheryl Knott Malone
"They Sure Got to Prove It on Me": Millennial Thoughts on Gay Archives, Gay Biography, and Gay Library History
James V. Carmichael, Jr.
The History of Youth Services Librarianship: A Review of the Research Literature
Christine A. Jenkins

Library History and Cognate Fields

The Failure or Future of American Archival History: A Somewhat Unorthodox View
Richard J. Cox
Historical Bibliography and Library History
D. W. Krummel

The LHRT and the State of Library History Research

The Library Historian's Field of Dreams: A Profile of the First Nine Seminars
Edward A. Goedeken
Advancing the Scholarship of Library History: The Role of the Journal of Library History and Libraries & Culture
Jon Arvid Aho and Donald G. Davis, Jr.
Clio's Workshop: Resources for Historical Studies in American Librarianship
John Mark Tucker
Fifty Years of Promoting Library History: A Chronology of the ALA (American) Library History Round Table, 1947-1997
Andrew B. Wertheimer and John David Marshall

Ideological and Historiographical Reflections

The Historical Sensibility
Phyllis Dain
The Cover
Elizabeth R. Cardman