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Fall 2000, 56:3

Journal of Individual Psychology

Notes from the Special Editor

Holism, Wellness, Spirituality
Erik Mansager


Wholeness, Holiness, and the Care of Souls: The Adler-Jahn Debate in Historical Perspective
Hendrika Vande Kemp
The Life Tasks III: The Fifth Life Task
Harold Mosak and Rudolf Dreikurs
Spirituality: Life Task or Life Process?
Leo Gold and Erik Mansager


Spiritual Goals and Spirited Values in Psychotherapy
Albert Ellis
The Concept of Holism in Individual Psychology and Buddhism
Shunsaku J. Noda
Spirituality of Encouragement
Sharon E. Cheston
The Tradition of Ignatius of Loyola: A Holistic Spirituality
Lawrence P. Herrera
Biblically based Christian Spirituality and Adlerian Psychotherapy
Richard E. Watts


An Interview with Walter E. "Buzz" O'Connell on Psychospirituality
Erik Mansager and Susan Duffy-Fleming


In Defense of Benevolent Neutrality: Against a Spiritual Strategy
Jozef Corveleyn
Jung's Practice of Analysis: A Euro-American Parallel to Ch'an Buddhism
John Ryan Haule
Jung and Ch'an Buddhism: An Adlerian Reflection
R. John Huber
A Reply to Huber
John Ryan Haule
Individual Psychology and the Study of Spirituality
Erik Mansager