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2019 JLAG, 18:1

Journal of Latin American Geography
Unsettling territory:  Indigenous Mobilizations, the Territorial Turn, and the Limits of Land Rights in the Paraguay-Brazil Borderlands
Joel E. Correia
Geographic Rift in the Urban Periphery, and Its Concrete Manifestations in Morelia, Mexico
Brian M. Napoletano, Jaime Paneque-Gálvez, Yadira Méndez-Lemus, and Antonio Vieyra
Indigenous Survival and Settler Colonial Dispossession on the Mexican Frontier:  The Case of Cedagi Wahia and Wo'oson O'odham Indigenous Communities
Blake Gentry, Geofrey Alan Boyce, Jose M. Garcia, and Samuel N. Chambers
La frontera en el septentrión del Obispado de Michoacán, Nueva España, 1536–1650
América Alejandra Navarro López and Pedro Sergio Urquijo Torres
Can the Use of a Specific Species Influence Habitat Conservation?  Case Study of the Ethnobotany of the Palm Iriartea Deltoidea and Conservation in Northwestern Ecuador
Maria Fadiman
La agricultura en terrazas en la adaptación a la variabilidad climática en la Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca, México
Gerardo Bocco, Berenice Solís Castillo, Quetzalcóatl Orozco-Ramírez, and Adrián Ortega-Iturriaga
In Good Faith:  Land Grabbing, Legal Dispossession, and Land Restitution in Colombia
           Max Counter

JLAG Perspectives

Trump's Border Militarization and the Limits to Capital
Jeremy Slack
Bolsonaro and the Inequalities of Geographical Developments in Brazil
Nelson Rojas de Carvalho and Orlando Alves dos Santos Junior
The Embers of Radical Ecology and Revolutionary Ideology in Nicaragua's Protests
Michael A. Petriello and Audrey J. Joslin

JLAG Retrospective

Truncated Transnationalism, the Tenuousness of Temporary Protected Status, and Trump
Ines Miyares, Richard Wright, Alison Mountz, and Adrian Bailey

Book Reviews

Learning from Bogotá:  Pedagogical Urbanism and the Reshaping of Public Space, by Rachel Berney
Reviewed by Juan P. Galvis
Technocrats and the Politics of Drought and Development in Twentieth-Century Brazil, by Eve E. Buckley
Reviewed by Christian Brannstrom
Neoliberalisim from Below:  Popular Pragmatics and Baroque Economies, by Verónica Gago, Translated by Liz Mason-Deese
Reviewed by Steven Schmidt
Geografías feministas de diversas latitudes. Orígenes, desarrollo y temáticas contemporáneas, by María Verónica Ibarra García and Irma Escamilla-Herrera, Eds.
Reviewed by Steven Schmidt
The Geographies of Social Movements: Afro-Colombian Mobilization and the Aquatic Space, by Ulrich Oslender
Reviewed by Karly Marie Miller
Film and Democracy in Paraguay, by Eva Karene Romero
Reviewed by Mario L. Cardozo
Food, Agriculture, and Social Change:  The Everyday Vitality of Latin America, by Stephen Sherwood, Alberto Arce, and Myriam Paredes, Eds.
Reviewed by Megan Baumann