Journal of Individual Psychology Recent Issues

Find journal articles and authors from recent issues of Journal of Individual Psychology below.


  • Individual Psychology in 2022

by Jon Sperry and Lynn Sperry

  • Anxiety Disorders: A Biopsychosocial Model and an Adlerian Approach for Conceptualization and Treatment

by Rebecca R. Jokinen and Timothy S. Hartshorne

  • Promoting Adlerian Psychology in the American Classroom: The First Attempt and Its Contemporary Implications

by Edward Hoffman and Marina Bluvshtein

  • Adlerian Play Therapy and Telemental Health Counseling During COVID-19: Practical Considerations and Examples

by Courtney T. Evans

  • Harnessing Adler’s Healing Process

by Erik Mansager and Rocky Garrison

  • Development of the Social Interest Scale for Turkish Adolescents

by Ümre Kaynak and Serife Isik

  • The Relationship between Psychological Birth-Order Position and Personality Type

by Ben F. Cotterill

  • A Contribution to the Theory and Measurement of Adlerian Personality Priorities

by Ursula Oberst and Irene Checa

  • Community and Belonging in the Workplace: Examining Nonmonetary Motivators in Talent Management

by Celine Cluff

Special Issue: Varieties of Adlerian Experience

edited by Erik Mansager and Dyanne Pienkowski


  • A Very Brief Adlerian Abecedarian

by Jane Griffith

  • Third-Generation Adlerian

by Alyson Schafer

  • Influences on My Personal Adlerian Identity

by Bruce Tate

  • The Depth and Complexity of a Jazz Psychotherapeutic Process

by Cosmin-Razvan Gogalniceanu

  • The Influence of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs on My Work as a Teacher, School Principal, System Administrator, and Educator

by Debra Punton

  • A Late-Stage Launch Into Classical Adlerian Depth Psychotherapy

by Diana Sanborn

  • Becoming a Classical Adlerian Depth Psychotherapist

by Dyanne Pienkowski

  • The Invisible, Revolutionary, Prophetic Alfred Adler: A Personal Journey

by Eugene Mario DeRobertis

  • Just Getting Started

by Evan Ripley-McNeil

  • Respecting the Ideas and Ideals Proposed by Alfred Adler: A Personal and Professional Journey

by James C. Overholser

  • My Adlerian Awakening: Writers Write What They Know

by Les E. White

  • Clarification of Mathematical Sensibilities to Adlerian Psychology

by Manabu Matsuoka

  • Warfighter Advance: The ADVANCE 7-Day

by Mary Neal Vieten

  • My Adlerian Experiences: My Mentor and ICASSI

by Mitsuko Mizuno

  • Disseminating the Significance of Alfred Adler in Graduate-Lead Criminological Theory Course as a Self-Identified Adlerian

by Phillip C, Shon

  • Adlerian Lineage and Legacy: Mother, Montessori, and the Future

by Regine Ebner and Hannah Ebner

  • From Family Practice to Insomnia: One Individual Psychologist’s Journey

by Rocky Garrison

  • Adler’s Common Sense: The Wisdom of the Alley

by Roman Borboa and Béatrice Borboa

  • Finding Adler

by Seby K. Sebastian

  • Adlerian Identity Development from a Classical Adlerian Perspective

by Xiaoxuan Qu