Jack and Doris Smothers Endowment in Texas History, Life, and Culture

Before Lawrence v. Texas

Wesley G. Phelps

No Color Is My Kind

Thomas R. Cole

Reverberations of Racial Violence

Sonia Hernández, John Morán González

Viva George!

Elaine A. Peña

The Swimming Holes of Texas

Julie Wernersbach, Carolyn Tracy

Texas BBQ, Small Town to Downtown

Wyatt McSpadden, Aaron Franklin, Daniel Vaughn

Red State

Wayne Thorburn

Texas Sports

Chad S. Conine

Batos, Bolillos, Pochos, and Pelados

Chad Richardson, Michael J. Pisani

Stages of Struggle and Celebration

Sandra M. Mayo, Elvin Holt

Recollections of a Tejano Life

Timothy M. Matovina, Jesús F. de la Teja, Justin Poché

Dream West

Douglas Brode

Sancho's Journal

David Montejano

Américo Paredes

José E. Limón

The Governor's Hounds

Barry A. Crouch, Donaly E. Brice

The Trials of Eroy Brown

Michael Berryhill

We Were Not Orphans

Sherry Matthews, Robert Draper

The Austin Chronicle Music Anthology

Austin Powell, Doug Freeman, Daniel Johnston, Louis Black

Quixote's Soldiers

David Montejano

Go Down, Old Hannah

Naomi Mitchell Carrier, John E. Fleming

William Wayne Justice

Frank R. Kemerer

Spare Time in Texas

David G. McComb

The Dance of Freedom

Barry A. Crouch, Larry Madaras, Arnoldo De León

Freedom Colonies

Thad Sitton, James H. Conrad, Richard Orton

Conversations with Texas Writers

Frances Leonard, Ramona Cearley, Ramona Cearley, Joe Holley

Austin, Cleared for Takeoff

Kenneth B. Ragsdale

The River Has Never Divided Us

Jefferson Morgenthaler

A Law for the Lion

Beatriz de la Garza

Las Tejanas

Teresa Palomo Acosta, Ruthe Winegarten

Horton Foote

Charles S. Watson

Tejano South Texas

Daniel D. Arreola

Tales of the Wild Horse Desert

Betty Bailey Colley, Jane Clements Monday

Homesteads Ungovernable

Mark M. Carroll

Texas by Terán

General Manuel de Mier y Terán, Jack Jackson, John Wheat, Scooter Cheatham, Lynn Marshall