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This graduation season, we’re offering a flash sale on Conditionally Accepted: Navigating Higher Education from the Margins edited by Eric Joy Denise and Bertin M. Louis Jr.! Use the promo code UTXGRAD for 50% off the paperback or 50% off the ebook edition of this important collection of essays providing advice and strategies for BIPOC graduates and scholars on how to survive, thrive, and resist in academic institutions. Conditionally Accepted builds upon an eponymous blog on, which is now a decade-old national platform for BIPOC academics in the United States.

Bringing together perspectives from academics of color on navigating intersecting forms of injustice in the academy, each chapter offers situated knowledge about experiencing—and resisting—marginalization in academia. Letting marginalized scholars know they are not alone, Conditionally Accepted offers concrete wisdom for readers seeking to navigate and transform oppressive academic institutions.

The graduation flash sale runs from Wednesday, April 17 through midnight on Saturday, April 20.

Praise for Conditionally Accepted

Anchored in the art of personal storytelling, the voices in Conditionally Accepted speak to the structural inequality faced by minoritized scholars in order to help any person dealing with racism, homophobia, or sexism inside or out of the ivory tower. I wish I could have had this book in graduate school.

Anthony Christian Ocampo, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, author of Brown and Gay in LA: The Lives of Immigrant Sons

This essential new volume is a call for justice, a reckoning between scholars of color and the academic hierarchies that persist in devaluing and diminishing their work. This book is a resource guide and a resting place for wearied, brilliant souls who might be wondering what their path forward should look like. The sheer breadth and depth of voices compiled here, and the intentional inclusion of contingent faculty among them, remind us that academia is not in any guise worthy of the talent, insight, and creativity that minoritized scholars bring to it.

Brittney Cooper, Rutgers University, author of Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower
Editor Bertin M. Louis Jr. shows off a copy of Conditionally Accepted!
Editor Dr. Denise Denise shows off author copies!
Keisha N. Blain shares her copy of Conditionally Accepted!
Gary A. Hoover, one of the few Black Full Professors in Economics and the
Executive Director of the Murphy Institute at Tulane University
Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt (current Conditionally Accepted editor for Inside Higher Ed)
wrote the “Institutional Betrayals: The Costs are High” chapter
Dr. Kelly Fong
Dr. Kelly Fong is excited to be included in Conditionally Accepted: Navigating Higher Education from the Margins!