Justin Wyatt Hosts Webinar with Media Education Lab

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Exposing the Hidden World of Media Market Research

Join us to learn more about market research and how it constructs a picture of the viewer for Hollywood

Within the media industries, Nielsen audience measurement helps guide executives in crafting programming, building marketing campaigns, and ultimately understanding the viewer. This session exposes the largely concealed world of primary market research and how it constructs a picture of the viewer for showrunners and media executives.

Learn more about professional media market research with Justin Wyatt, who explains why exploratory ethnographies are needed to rethink research parameters. This prescription also speaks to a personal dimension, including a call-to-action for participants to start a practice of media mindfulness, being aware daily of their media choices, behaviors, and activities.

Justin Wyatt is Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Film/Media, and Journalism at the University of Rhode Island. He is the author of the new book Creating the Viewer: Market Research and the Evolving Media Ecosystem and the co-editor of Screening American Independent Film and Refocus: The Later Films and Legacy of Robert Altman. For a 15 year period, he led qualitative and quantitative market research projects and platforms in the media industries. Much of this market research work was focused on entertainment and new show testing along with understanding advertising, marketing, and media messaging effectiveness.