Dr. Celeste González de Bustamante Faculty Book Talk

Benson Latin American Collection 2nd floor conference room Sid Richardson Hall 2300 Red River St Austin, Texas 78712 Map: http://bit.ly/3jOxdRz

Celeste González de Bustamante Book with Gabriela Polit Dueñas

Between 2000 and 2022, more than 160 journalists were killed in Mexico. Today the country is one of the most dangerous in the world in which to be a reporter. In this book talk, Dr. Celeste González de Bustamante of the School of Journalism and Media, will discuss Surviving Mexico: Resistance and Resilience among Journalists in the Twenty-first Century, co-authored with Dr. Jeannine E. Relly. Professor Gabriela Polit Dueñas (Spanish and Portuguese) will participate as discussant.
The book examines the networks of political power, business interests, and organized crime that threaten and attack Mexican journalists, who forge ahead despite the risks. In some cases, journalists must wait for a “green light” to publish—not from their editors but from organized crime groups. Yet, despite seemingly insurmountable constraints, journalists have turned to one another and to their communities to resist pressures and create their own networks of resilience. Drawing on more than a decade of rigorous research in Mexico, Surviving Mexico explains how journalists have become their own activists and how they hold those in power accountable.
Free and open to the public. To RSVP and receive event updates via Facebook, visit Surviving Mexico. For more information, contact Paloma Díaz.