Course Essentials on Architecture

Our most-adopted and award-winning books in ancient, Latin American and U.S. architecture, and urban studies are listed below, featuring essential primers by Frederick R. Steiner, architectural history by Tara Dudley, Robert Alexander González, Felipe Correa, and more. Enjoy 30% off and free domestic shipping on history course essentials with discount code UTXARCH during checkout on our website!

Instructor Copies

Qualified instructors who are teaching a University of Texas Press book may request a physical desk copy, and qualified instructors who are evaluating a text for potential course use may request a digital examination copy to examine for 90 days. For instructors in Canada, please submit your request through UBC Press here. For instructors in the United Kingdom or Europe, please order desk copies through Combined Academic Publishers, Ltd.

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Building Antebellum New Orleans

Free People of Color and Their Influence

Tara Dudley

Houston and the Permanence of Segregation

An Afropessimist Approach to Urban History

David Ponton III

Shifting Sands

Landscape, Memory, and Commodities in China's Contemporary Borderlands

Xiaoxuan Lu

Blue Architecture

Water, Design, and Environmental Futures

Brook Muller

Border Land, Border Water

A History of Construction on the US-Mexico Divide

C. J. Alvarez

Millennials in Architecture

Generations, Disruption, and the Legacy of a Profession

Darius Sollohub

Making Plans

How to Engage with Landscape, Design, and the Urban Environment

Frederick R. Steiner

Modern Architecture in Latin America

Art, Technology, and Utopia

Luis E. Carranza, Fernando Luiz Lara

Ancient Origins of the Mexican Plaza

From Primordial Sea to Public Space

Logan Wagner, Hal Box, Susan Kline Morehead

How Cities Work

Suburbs, Sprawl, and the Roads Not Taken

Alex Marshall