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The Edge of the Storm

The Edge of the Storm
Translated by Ethel Brinton; illustrated by Julio Prieto

An English translation of the greatest work of a man regarded by many as Mexico's most important novelist.

Series: Clásicos/Clássicos Latin American Masterpieces in English

January 1963
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342 pages | 6 x 9 | illus. |

This tale of a repressive priest and his small Mexican village during the eighteen months preceding the Revolution of 1910 is a great novel, one that exposes the struggle between human desire and paralyzing fear—fear of humanity, fear of nature, fear of the wrath of God. Agustín Yáñez probes the actions of people caught in life’s currents, enthralling his readers with mounting dramatic tension as he shows that no power can forge saints from the human masses, that any attempt to do so, in fact, often has exactly the opposite result.

Yáñez brings to his work a deep understanding of people—his people—and he illuminates a great truth—that no one, anywhere, seems very strange when we understand the environment that has produced him or her.

  • Overture
  • 1. That Night
  • 2. Retreat House
  • 3. Marta and María
  • 4. Holy Days
  • 5. Old Lucas Macías
  • 6. Easter
  • 7. The Northerners
  • 8. Marbles
  • 9. Victoria and Gabriel
  • 10. Holy Cross Day
  • 11. The Chaplain
  • 12. Ascension
  • 13. The Downfall of Damián Limón
  • 14. Students and Absent Ones
  • 15. Pedrito
  • 16. Halley's Comet

The Edge of the Storm is an excellent example of what can be considered Mexican national literature.”
Library Journal