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The Little Orange Book II

The Little Orange Book II
Student Voices on Excellent Teaching

Students from the University of Texas System and its members of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers offer thoughtful reflections on classroom learning.

Series: Tower Books Imprint

University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers
April 2020
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216 pages | 5 x 7.5 |

The Little Orange Book II: Student Voices on Excellent Teaching is an anthology of essays on the topic of excellent teachers, teaching, and learning, written by students, university presidents, and faculty from across the University of Texas System’s eight academic institutions. Unlike the essays in the Academy’s first publication, The Little Orange Book: Short Lessons in Excellent Teaching—which can be downloaded for free on Apple iBooks—the essays in The Little Orange Book II focus less on strategies for effective teaching and more on students’ perspectives on what elements combine to create the unique constellation of characteristics that excellent teachers possess. The result is a mosaic of voices that call attention to a range of relevant topics, from the role educators play in improving the mental health of students, to the unique university experiences of nontraditional students and student athletes, to the need for empathy when dealing with students.

This book offers extraordinary insight into the minds of students attending college in twenty-first-century Texas and is intended for all of those interested in university teaching and education more broadly.

  • Introduction
    • Great Professors Help Make Great Students
    • How to Impact a Life
    • Pure Learning
    • Real-Time Teaching in Three Dimensions
    • The Highest Calling
    • A Meaningful and Lasting Impression
    • A Professor's Inspiration
    • Staying Amazed: The Secret to Being a Great Student
    • Grades Are Not the Only Measure
    • Characteristics of an Excellent Student
    • Recipe for a Great Student
    • Determining What Makes a Good Student: A Good Person
    • Shaping the Future
    • Striving for Excellence
    • How Learning Flourishes
    • Making Mental Health a Priority
    • How to Help
    • Recognizing Students in Need
    • What Makes a Student Fail or Struggle?
    • Helping Students Overcome Self-Doubt
    • Perspectives from a Former Student Athlete
    • The Diversity Index Is Old Hat: It Needs More Old Hats
    • The New Normal
    • Pay It Forward: Inspire Your Students to Strive Higher
    • Perspectives from a Non-Traditional Student
    • Energize the Learning Atmosphere
    • Challenge Us
    • Empathy Is Essential in Teaching
    • The Walls That Divide Our Classrooms
    • Caring Teachers
    • What It Takes to Be Memorable
    • What Makes a Great Teacher
    • The Integral Role of the Professor
    • Teachability
    • Teaching to the Moment
    • Encourage Honest Discussion
    • So Much to Learn, No Time to Think!
    • The Curious Student
    • Classrooms Full of Curiosity
    • True Education
    • Learning How to Learn
    • The Signature of a Great Professor
    • Think Inside the Box
    • Our Reach as Instructors Is Further Than We Will Ever Know
    • Crossing Paths and Tying Threads
    • The Opportunity to Change the Future
    • Students of the World
    • Herald of Discovery
    • Repeat After Me
    • Connect Their Future to the Class
    • Faculty and Teaching Excellence
    • No Greater Opportunity
    • The Day I Became a Good Student
    • The Road to Social Mobility
    • The Life-Changing Power of a Single Conversation
    • The Teacher Who Wouldn’t Answer My Questions
    • “Dream No Small Dreams”: Inspiring Students to Reach for the Stars
    • Making a Difference
  • Academy Contributors’ Biographies
  • List of Students by Institution

The University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers was established to recognize outstanding educators across its eight academic institutions, including the University of Texas at Arlington, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Texas at Dallas, the University of Texas at El Paso, the University of Texas Permian Basin, the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, the University of Texas at San Antonio, and the University of Texas at Tyler. The Academy recognizes educators who have demonstrated leadership in education and are committed to improving learning across the UT System. Members of the Academy serve as the System-level advisory and advocacy group dedicated to fostering classroom innovation, promoting interdisciplinary educational perspectives, and catalyzing the sharing of best practices across campuses in the UT System.