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Mobility and Integration in Urban Argentina

Mobility and Integration in Urban Argentina
Córdoba in the Liberal Era

Series: Number 52

January 1981
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250 pages | 41 tables, 2 maps |

Between the 1870s, when the great influx of European immigrants began, and the start of World War I, Argentina underwent a radical alteration of its social composition and patterns of economic productivity. Mark Szuchman, in this groundbreaking study, examines the occupational, residential, educational, and economic patterns of mobility of some four thousand men, women, and children who resided in Córdoba, Argentina's most important interior city, during this changeful era.

Through several kinds of samples, Szuchman provides a widely encompassing social picture of Córdoba, describing, among others, the unskilled laborer, the immigrant bachelor in search of roots and identity, the merchant seeking or giving credit, and the member of the elite, blind to some of the realities around him. The challenge that the pursuit of security entailed for most people and the failure of so many to persist successfully form a large part of that picture.

The author has made ample use of quantitative techniques, but secondary materials are also utilized to provide social perspectives that round out and humanize the quantitative data. The use of record linkage as the essential research method makes this work the first book on Argentina to follow similar and very successful research methodologies employed by U.S. historians.

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Part I: Social Structure and Social Processes
    • 1. Prospects of the City
    • 2. On Being Poor and Moving On
    • 3. On Being Rich and on Getting By
  • Part II: Ethnicity in the Formation of Modern Society
    • 4. Urbanism, Racism, and Social Differentiation: Frenchmen among Creoles
    • 5. Class Formation and Cultural Pluralism: The Spanish Voluntary Association
    • 6. Mobility Patterns among Spaniards
    • 7. The Limits of the Melting Pot: Marriage and Integration
    • 8. Marriage, Nationality, and Mobility
    • 9. Mobility and Integration in Córdoba: The Sociopolitical Legacy of Liberalism
  • Notes
  • Bibliographic Note
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Mark D. Szuchman is Professor of History at Florida International University.