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The Amazing Faith of Texas

The Amazing Faith of Texas
Common Ground on Higher Ground

From the president of one of America’s top marketing companies—a photo-essay that celebrates the deeply held beliefs that unite all Texans.

January 2006
160 pages | 10 x 12 | 64 color photos |

It is best to travel slowly along the roads and highways of Texas. Not because of speed traps, though they are there. But because if you travel slowly, you are less likely to miss the turns that will take you to the heart of this great state. Take these turns, and they will lead you to stories and places of faith. The Amazing Faith of Texas is an exploration in words and pictures of people and places that represent the strong, abiding belief that sustains faith-filled Texans. A belief that transcends the boundaries of religion. Transcends the dogma. Transcends the differences.

We have heard all we need to hear about what divides us. The Amazing Faith of Texas is about what unites us. From tiny churches on dusty back roads to the mega churches along our cities' highways, from temples, mosques, and synagogues—Amazing Faith is a look at our places of worship and a listen to the stories that bring Texans to their faith. From the desert of West Texas to the pines of East Texas, from the Panhandle to the border, The Amazing Faith of Texas is an exploration of common ground on higher ground.


Roy Spence founded GSD&M, one of the most successful marketing companies in the United States. Spence grew up attending the First Methodist Church in Brownwood, Texas.