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Millennials in Architecture

Millennials in Architecture
Generations, Disruption, and the Legacy of a Profession

The first book to explore the impact of the newest generation of architects—with a call for firms and educators to foster leadership in Millennials, tapping their innovative capacity to shape the twenty-first century.

June 2019
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352 pages | 6 x 9 | Hardcover has a printed case, no dust jacket | 4 b&w illustrations |

Much has been written about Millennials, but until now their growing presence in the field of architecture has not been examined in depth. In an era of significant challenges stemming from explosive population growth, climate change, and the density of cities, Millennials in Architecture embraces the digitally savvy disruptors who are joining the field at a crucial time as it grapples with the best ways to respond to a changing physical world.

Taking a clear-eyed look at the new generation in the context of the design professions, Darius Sollohub begins by situating Millennials in a line of generations stretching back to early Modernism, exploring how each generation negotiates the ones before and after. He then considers the present moment, closely evaluating the significance of Millennial behaviors and characteristics (from civic-mindedness to collaboration, and time management in a 24/7 culture), all underpinned by fluency in the digital world. The book concludes with an assessment of the profound changes and opportunities that Millennial disruption will bring to education, licensure, and firm management. Encouraging new alliances, Millennials in Architecture is an essential resource for the architectural community and its stakeholders.

  • Part One: A Twenty-First-Century Generation
    • 1. Introduction: Millennials, Architecture, and Disruption
    • 2. Who Are the Millennials?
    • 3. Generations in Historical Context: Generation X, Boomers, Silents, GIs
    • 4. Working with Generational Theory
    • 5. Architectural History by Generation
  • Part Two: Challenges, Benefits, Vulnerabilities
    • 6. Generational Alignment Strategies: Millennials, Generation X, Boomers, Silents
    • 7. Collaboration: Millennial Values and the Work of Architecture
    • 8. Anytime, Anywhere: Digital Natives and Nomads
    • 9. An Accelerated Tempo: Millennial Time and Territory
  • Part Three: Disruption, Innovation, Continuity
    • 10. Medicine, Law, Architecture: Comparing the Professions
    • 11. What’s Next? The Academy, Licensure, Practice
  • Appendix I. Millennials in Architecture Survey
  • Appendix II. NAAB-Accredited Program Enrollments 2007–2017
  • Acknowledgments
  • Notes
  • Index

Darius Sollohub
Newark, New Jersey.

Sollohub is an associate professor of architecture at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he has served as director of its school of architecture and infrastructure planning program. He has participated in projects at the American Museum of Natural History and the Santa Fe Opera Theater, and in recovery planning for New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. For his work with Habitat for Humanity, Sollohub won the 2010 NCARB Grand Prize for the Creative Integration of Practice and Education in the Academy.


“Sollohub provides an abundance of information derived from his research…[Millennials in Architecture] is an important source for anyone involved in the architectural profession.”

“Of interest to both educators and architects, this timely look at how millennials are influencing architecture is also a call for harnessing the generation's ability to transform the industry.”
Library Journal

“[Millennials in Architecture] is a very interesting and timely study of inter-generational difference, the impact it is already having on the world of architecture this century, and what may result from changing attitudes to everything from ownership to climate change.”
World Architecture Festival

“Darius Sollohub has rendered an invaluable service with this book by helping the architectural community understand Millennials, who reach a milestone in 2019 as the largest generation in the United States. He explains the demographic research in clear and relevant ways, and he lays out the challenges and opportunities that Millennials present as architectural students, colleagues, and clients. Anyone who cares about the future of architectural education and practice should read this book.”
Thomas Fisher, University of Minnesota, author of Designing Our Way to a Better World

“The profession and schools of architecture are about to be hit with a tsunami of disruption. If architects are to thrive, radical change is necessary. In part, that change will involve both mobilizing the Millennial workforce as critical design thinkers and understanding the Millennial generation as future design clients. Sollohub offers indispensable research that helps us understand how this generation thinks differently in so many ways. And that understanding can be an asset to us all.”
Tomas Rossant, Ennead Architects


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