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Life on the Texas Range

Life on the Texas Range

First published in 1953, this photographic record of the real life and work of cowboys remains a perennial favorite.

Series: Number Fourteen, M. K. Brown Range Life Series, Number Fourteen

May 1952
This book is out of print and no longer available.
112 pages | 8 5/8 x 11 5/8 | 81 b&w photos |

First published in 1953, this photographic record of the real life and work of cowboys remains a perennial favorite. Erwin E. Smith was the outstanding cowboy photographer of the West, and these eighty photographs were among those he chose for an exhibit of his best work at the 1936 Texas Centennial. The text by J. Evetts Haley, a noted historian of the range, skillfully complements Smith's visual record of a vanishing way of life.

  • List of Plates
    • Chuck Wagon on the Move
    • Pitching Camp
    • Sour Dough for Dinner
    • "Come and Git It!"
    • Chuck
    • Two Range Outfits Camp Together
    • Cleaning Up
    • The Day Herder Comes in to Eat
    • Long Shadows and Early Supper
    • Picking a Side of Barbecued Ribs
    • Breakfast at 4 A.M. on the JA
    • Shoe Bars Catching Horses
    • A Border Boss Telling Off His Riders
    • The Drive
    • On the Roundup Ground
    • Day Herd on the Spurs
    • Picking His Matador Cow
    • Cutting Her Out
    • Working the Roundup
    • Turning on a Dime
    • Holding an LS Herd
    • Heeling
    • The Calf-Roper
    • Dragging Him to the Fire
    • Flanking a Big One
    • Hot Iron and Sharp Knife
    • Coordination with Cows
    • Anxiety of Mother Cows
    • Strung Out
    • Ga'nt Horse in a Big Country
    • Rolling His Own on Day Herd
    • Counting Them Out
    • Tallying for the Trail
    • Herd Formation Matadors on the Trail
    • In the Dust of the Drags
    • Then Barbed Wire Played Hell with Texas
    • Saddle Horses
    • LS Hand Staking His Night Horse
    • Shoe Bar Wrangler Rides a Mule
    • Day-herding the Remuda
    • Little Joe the Wrangler
    • Smearing His Loop on a Wild One
    • Matador Remuda Goes Back to Grass
    • Tying Up a Foot to Saddle a Bronc
    • A-settin' in His Tree
    • Sunnin' His Sides
    • A-rarin' to Go
    • A-leavin' Cheyenne
    • Coming Back down the Cattle Trail
    • Packing Their Bed
    • Leaving for the Work
    • Dropping off the Cap Rock
    • Clear-footed Horses for Rough Country
    • Coming into Camp
    • Shootin' Craps
    • Clog Dance in a Cow Camp
    • Mumble-Peg
    • Hunting Season at Hand
    • Hitching Posts at Old Tascosa
    • Settling the Dust
    • Coming into Town Catching a Matador Outlaw
    • Hobbling an Outlaw Steer
    • Picking Up His Heels
    • Turning an Outlaw Loose
    • Bringing the Herd to the Wild One
    • Turning Him into the Gentle Bunch
    • Fighting Stock
    • Taking Care of Cows
    • Range Branding
    • Odd Jobs in Camp
    • A Pet Horse Gets His Biscuit
    • A Range Manager's Rig
    • Matador Outfit in the Eighties
    • Breeds Change but the Range Stays
    • The Symbol of Texas
    • The Nester at the Water Hole
    • Sun and Shade
    • Still in the Sun
  • Erwin E. Smith: A Biographical Introduction
  • Plates

“Smith is to range-land photography what Mathew Brady was to Civil War photography.”
Houston Post

“Along with Andy Adams, Philip Ashton Rollins, Ross Santee, and the artist Charles M. Russell, Erwin Smith belongs in the great tradition of interpreters of the real cowboy.”
Saturday Review

“Every student of the West should savor this book and every library with a serious emphasis on Western Americana should purchase it....”
Journal of the West

“Here is the book of western pictures I have been waiting for. It is a book of photographs by Erwin Smith, who took a camera to cow camps in the early years of this century, before the old life in the saddle was entirely dead and gone. He made the best pictures of that life I ever saw.... If you love the land, and the herds at grass, and the men who rode horses, this is your book.”
Tom Lea


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