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Lateral Exchanges

Edited by Felipe Correa, Bruno Carvalho, and Alison Isenberg

Lateral Exchanges is devoted to architecture and urbanism in the context of globalization and hemispheric connections. Publishing research on historical and contemporary issues in design and the built environment, unrestricted by geographic focus, the series covers several interrelated fields, including architecture, environmental humanities, history, landscape architecture, media and visual studies, planning, and urban studies. The series addresses the circulation of architectural and urban-planning models, concepts, and realized constructions, as well as the circulation of designers themselves, across continents, countries, marketplaces, and languages. It is concerned with the ways that these concepts and techniques have instigated cultural and intellectual exchanges beyond disciplinary boundaries and locales, asking how we should historicize and theorize these exchanges, particularly in the context of persistent global asymmetries.

Robert Devens, Acquiring Editor