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Inter America Series

Edited by Howard Campbell, Duncan Earle, and John Peterson

The Inter-America series presents timely and engaging academic studies concerning the complex interrelationships and entanglements between North and Latin America. The series pays particular attention to the US-Mexico border where the blending and conflicts of cultures, nations, and peoples are especially intense. But in the globalized twenty-first century older concepts and constructs of bounded cultures break down as migrants, commerce, and cyber-communication crisscross the planet. The two thousand mile boundary between Mexico and the US was its paradigmatic case and the place where the field began, but we now know that borders exist across and inside nations and not just between them. The Inter-America Series, through vivid, grounded case studies, is designed to elucidate and analyze the rich connections and contradictions between, among, and across the multiple borders of the Americas.

Kerry Webb, Acquiring Editor