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Featured at SCMS 2020


Donna Kornhaber, Series Editor

21st Century Film Essentials offers a lively chronicle of cinema’s second century, examining the landmark films of our ever-changing moment. Each book makes a case for the importance of a particular contemporary film for artistic, historical, or commercial reasons. The twenty-first century has already been a time of tremendous change in filmmaking the world over, and the films examined here are the ones that embody and exemplify these changes, crystallizing emerging trends or pointing in new directions. This series is a study of film history in the making. It is meant to provide a different kind of approach to cinema’s story—one written in the present tense.


  • The LEGO Movie by Dana Polan (Fall 2020)
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by Patrick Keating (Spring 2021)
  • The Florida Project by J.J. Murphy (Fall 2021)
  • Black Panther by Scott Bukatman (Spring 2022)