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The Mammals of Texas

The Mammals of Texas
Seventh Edition

Updated with the most recent advances in molecular biology and in wildlife ecology and management, The Mammals of Texas remains the definitive book on this subject, with nearly 13,000 copies sold

August 2016
720 pages | 6.125 x 9.25 | 32 color and 190 b&w photos, 34 b&w illus., 150 b&w maps, 4 b&w charts/graphs |

From reviews of previous editions:

“This is the standard reference about Texas mammals.” —Wildlife Activist

“A must for anyone seriously interested in the wildlife of Texas.” —Texas Outdoor Writers Association News

“[This book] easily fills the role of both a field guide and a desk reference, and is written in a style that appeals to the professional biologist and amateur naturalist alike. . . . [It] should prove useful to anyone with an interest in the mammal fauna of Texas or the southern Great Plains.” —Prairie Naturalist

The Mammals of Texas has been the standard reference since the first edition was coauthored by William B. Davis and Walter P. Taylor in 1947. Revised several times over the succeeding decades, it remains the most authoritative source of information on the mammalian wildlife of Texas, with physical descriptions and life histories for 202 species, abundant photographs and drawings, and distribution maps.

In this new edition, David J. Schmidly is joined by one of the most active researchers on Texas mammals, Robert D. Bradley, to provide a thorough update of the taxonomy, distribution, and natural history of all species of wild mammals that inhabit Texas today. Using the most recent advances in molecular biology and in wildlife ecology and management, the authors include the most current information about the scientific nomenclature, taxonomy, and identification of species, while also covering significant advances in natural history and conservation.


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