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Mexican Migration to the United States

Mexican Migration to the United States
Perspectives from Both Sides of the Border

Bringing together leading scholars from Mexico and the United States in fields ranging from economics to anthropology, this timely anthology presents empirical research on key immigration policy issues and analyzes the many push-pull facets of Mexico-US migration

March 2016
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326 pages | 6 x 9 | 1 b&w map, 4 b&w charts/graphs |

Borderlands migration has been the subject of considerable study, but the authorship has usually reflected a north-of-the-border perspective only. Gathering a transnational group of prominent researchers, including leading Mexican scholars whose work is not readily available in the United States and academics from US universities, Mexican Migration to the United States brings together an array of often-overlooked viewpoints, reflecting the interconnectedness of immigration policy.

This collection’s research, principally empirical, reveals significant aspects of labor markets, family life, and educational processes. Presenting recent data and accessible explanations of complex histories, the essays capture the evolving legal frameworks and economic implications of Mexico-US migrations at the national and municipal levels, as well as the experiences of receiving communities in the United States. The volume includes illuminating reports on populations ranging from undocumented young adults to elite Mexican women immigrants, health-care rights, Mexico’s incorporation of return migration, the impact of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals on higher education, and the experiences of young children returning to Mexican schools after living in the United States. Reflecting a multidisciplinary approach, the list of contributors includes anthropologists, demographers, economists, educators, policy analysts, and sociologists.

Underscoring the fact that Mexican migration to the United States is unique and complex, this timely work exemplifies the cross-border collaboration crucial to the development of immigration policies that serve people in both countries.

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Policies, Dynamics, and Consequences of Mexican Migration to the United States (Harriett D. Romo)
  • Part 1. Mexico-US Migration Legal Frameworks and Their Implications
    • Chapter 1. Evolving Migration Responses in Mexico and the United States: Diverging Paths? (Francisco Alba)
    • Chapter 2. An Economic Perspective on US Immigration Policy vis-à-vis Mexico (Pia M. Orrenius, Jason Saving, and Madeline Zavodny)
    • Chapter 3. Mexican Migration Dynamics: An Uncertain Future (Jorge Durand)
    • Chapter 4. Public Insecurity and International Emigration in Northern Mexico: Analysis at a Municipal Level (Liliana Meza González and Michael Feil)
    • Chapter 5. Explaining Unauthorized Mexican Migration and Assessing Its Implications for the Incorporation of Mexican Americans (Frank D. Bean, Susan K. Brown, and James D. Bachmeier)
  • Part 2. Incorporation into Receiving Communities in the United States
    • Chapter 6. “Ni de aquí, ni de allá”: Undocumented Immigrant Youth and the Challenges of Identity Formation amid Conflicting Contexts (Roberto G. Gonzales, Joanna B. Perez, and Ariel G. Ruiz)
    • Chapter 7. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Student Success in Higher Education (Kandy Mink Salas, Henoc Preciado, and Raquel Torres)
    • Chapter 8. Who Has the Right to Health Care and Why? Immigration, Health-Care Policy, and Incorporation (Milena Andrea Melo and K. Jill Fleuriet)
    • Chapter 9. The Role of Elite Mexican Women Immigrants in Maintaining Language and Mexican Identity (Harriett D. Romo and Olivia Mogollon-Lopez)
  • Part 3. Return Migration and Reincorporation
    • Chapter 10. Mexican Social Policy and Return Migration (Agustín Escobar Latapí)
    • Chapter 11. Students We Share Are Also in Puebla, Mexico: Preliminary Findings from a 2009–2010 Survey (Víctor Zúñiga, Edmund T. Hamann, and Juan Sánchez García)
  • Epilogue: Continuing Immigration Developments (Janeth Martinez)
  • Conclusion: Is Mexican Migration to the United States Different from Other Migrations? (Harriett D. Romo)
  • Contributors
  • Index

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