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Dramatists in Revolt

Dramatists in Revolt
The New Latin American Theater

Dramatists in Revolt, through studies of the major playwrights, explores significant movements in Latin American theater.

Series: Texas Pan American Series

January 1976
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292 pages | 6 x 9 |

Dramatists in Revolt, through studies of the major playwrights, explores significant movements in Latin American theater. Playwrights discussed are those who have made outstanding contributions to Latin American theater during the post–World War II period and who have been particularly sensitive to world currents in literature and drama, while being acutely responsive to the problems of their own areas. They express concern about communication, isolation, and solitude. On a more basic level, they concern themselves with the political and socioeconomic problems that figure importantly in the Third World.

The fifteen essays deal with the playwrights Antón Arrufat and José Triana (Cuba); Emilio Carballido and Luisa Josefina Hernández (Mexico); Agustín Cuzzani, Osvaldo Dragún, Griselda Gambaro, and Carlos Gorostiza (Argentina); Jorge Díaz, Egon Wolff, and Luis Alberto Heiremans (Chile); René Marqués (Puerto Rico); and Jorge Andrade, Alfredo Dias Gomes, and Plínio Marcos (Brazil). These are dramatists in revolt, sometimes in a thematic sense, not only in protesting the indignities that various systems impose on modern man, but also in a dramatic configuration. They dare to experiment with techniques in the constant search for viable theatrical forms.

Each essay is written by a specialist familiar with the works of the playwright under consideration. In addition to the essays, the book includes a listing of source materials on Latin American theater.

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Part One. Spanish American Dramatists
    • 1. The Theater of Antón Arrufat (Cuba), by Frank N. Dauster
    • 2. The Theater of Emilio Carballido: Spinning a Web (Mexico), by Eugene R. Skinner
    • 3. The Spectacular in the Theater of Agustín Cuzzani (Argentina), by Alyce de Kuehne
    • 4. Jorge Díaz and the Liturgy of Violence (Chile), by George W. Woodyard
    • 5. The Theater of Osvaldo Dragún (Argentina), by Donald L. Schmidt
    • 6. The Plays of Griselda Gambaro (Argentina), by Sandra Messinger Cypess
    • 7. The Theater of Carlos Gorostiza (Argentina), by Merlin H. Forster
    • 8. The Theater of Luis Alberto Heiremans: 1928–1964 (Chile), by Margaret Sayers Peden
    • 9. Luisa Josefina Hernández: The Labyrinth of Form (Mexico), by John K. Knowles
    • 10. The Theater of Renè Marqués: In Search of Identity and Form (Puerto Rico), by Tamara Holzapfel
    • 11. The Game of Chance: The Theater of José Triana (Cuba), by Frank N. Dauster
    • 12. The Theater of Egon Wolff (Chile), by Margaret Sayers Peden
  • Part Two. Brazilian Dramatists
    • 13. The Theater of Jorge Andrade, by Richard A. Mazzara
    • 14. The Theater of Alfredo Dias Gomes, by Leon F. Lyday
    • 15. Plínio Marcos: Reporter of Bad Times, by Peter J. Schoenbach
  • Notes on the Contributors
  • Source Materials on Latin American Theater
  • Index

Leon F. Lyday is Professor Emeritus of Spanish at Pennsylvania State University.

George W. Woodyard (1934–2010) was Professor of Spanish at the University of Kansas.


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