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Texas Wildflowers

Texas Wildflowers
A Field Guide

Our best-selling field guide has been completely reorganized by flower colors for easier use—every wildflower is presented with a large color photo and an identifying description.

Series: Texas Natural History Guides™

February 2018
Active (available)
512 pages | 4.75 x 7.75 | 322 color photos, 1 color map |

With more than 175,000 copies sold, Texas Wildflowers has established itself as the go-to guide for identifying the state’s roadside flowers. This new edition has been completely reorganized by flower colors (and within each color section, by flowering season) to make it even easier to identify the flowers you see as you travel through Texas. Every wildflower is illustrated with a beautiful full-color photograph—over 250 of which are new to this edition. All of the descriptive identifying information is presented in a consistent format—common and botanical names, plant and leaves, flowers and fruit, flowering season, habitat and range, and notes.

What hasn’t changed is the book’s sturdy binding, which will hold up through years of active use, and its wealth of information, which has been thoroughly updated by the expert staff of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center:

  • 300 species descriptions, including engaging comments about the plants’ natural histories, landscape uses, edible or medicinal properties, and folklore
  • A map of Texas’s vegetational areas
  • Glossaries that define and illustrate botanical terms
  • A bibliography of books for learning more about wildflowers
  • Indexes to common and botanical plant names, as well as plant families, that distinguish between native and non-native species

As Lady Bird Johnson observed in the foreword, Texas Wildflowers “makes me want to reach for my sunhat, put on my walking shoes, take this knowledge-filled book, and fare forth to seek and discover!”

  • Notes on the New Edition by Joe Marcus
  • Foreword to the First Edition by Lady Bird Johnson
  • Introduction to the First Edition by Campbell Loughmiller
  • Species Descriptions
    • White Flowers
    • Yellow Flowers
    • Orange Flowers
    • Red Flowers
    • Purple Flowers
    • Pink Flowers
    • Blue Flowers
  • Ecoregions of Texas
  • Glossary
  • Illustrated Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Photography Credits
  • Family Index
  • Index


The Loughmillers were pioneering conservationists who coauthored four books. Campbell Loughmiller served as president of the Texas chapter of the Nature Conservancy and as a board member of the Texas Conservation Council.

Austin, Texas

Marcus is the program coordinator for the Native Plant Information Network at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.