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Adventures of a Ballad Hunter

Adventures of a Ballad Hunter

Now back in print with a new foreword and photographs, this is the classic 1947 autobiography by pioneering folklorist John A. Lomax, who recorded and preserved thousands of American folk ballads for posterity.

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September 2017
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320 pages | 6 x 9 | 22 b&w photos |

Growing up beside the Chisholm Trail, captivated by the songs of passing cowboys and his bosom friend, an African American farmhand, John A. Lomax developed a passion for American folk songs that ultimately made him one of the foremost authorities on this fundamental aspect of Americana. Across many decades and throughout the country, Lomax and his informants created over five thousand recordings of America’s musical heritage, including ballads, blues, children’s songs, fiddle tunes, field hollers, lullabies, play-party songs, religious dramas, spirituals, and work songs. He acted as honorary curator of the Archive of American Folk Song at the Library of Congress, directed the Slave Narrative Project of the WPA, and cofounded the Texas Folklore Society. Lomax’s books include Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads, American Ballads and Folk Songs, Negro Folk Songs as Sung by Leadbelly, and Our Singing Country, the last three coauthored with his son Alan Lomax.

Adventures of a Ballad Hunter is a memoir of Lomax’s eventful life. It recalls his early years and the fruitful decades he spent on the road collecting folk songs, on his own and later with son Alan and second wife Ruby Terrill Lomax. Vibrant, amusing, often haunting stories of the people he met and recorded are the gems of this book, which also gives lyrics for dozens of songs. Adventures of a Ballad Hunter illuminates vital traditions in American popular culture and the labor that has gone into their preservation.

  • Foreword by John A. Lomax III, John Nova Lomax, and Anna Lomax Wood
  • Preface
  • I. Boyhood in Bosque
  • II. College
  • III. Hunting Cowboy Songs
  • IV. Twenty Years Interim
  • V. American Ballads and Folk Songs
  • VI. Penitentiary Negroes
  • VII. Iron Head and Clear Rock
  • VIII. Alabama Red Land
  • IX. Burials, Baptizings and a Penitentiary Sermon
  • X. Chanteys, Ballads, Work Songs and Calls
  • XI. Some Interesting People
  • XII. Melodies and Memories
  • Index

“It is hard to overstate the influence that the Lomaxes had on the subsequent interest in and development of North American song; equally, it is difficult for the modern reader to conceive of the disdain in which folk music was held hitherto. In the end few would disagree with Shirley Collins that Adventures of a Ballad Hunter is 'an essential part of American history'.”
Times Literary Supplement

“An honest account of the life of an important collector and promoter of folk music and as such deserves to be widely read.”
Old Time News

“Essential reading for neo-folkies, alt-country fans, blues enthusiasts, and most other stripes of music lover.”

“Lomax preserved the voices of Americans from fading and along the way captures a bygone era when Americas sang for one another and for themselves. This memoir illustrates the urgency of songs in the lives of a diverse people.”
Great Plains Quarterly

“[Adventures of a Ballad Hunter] is a treasure trove of disconnected tales, from [Lomax's] early days in Bosque County memorizing what the cowboys along the Chisholm trail sang to calm their dogies to his harrowing visits to prison farms in the Deep South, where he discovered Huddie William 'Lead Belly' Ledbetter, the folk and blues musician who later traveled the country with Lomax.”
Austin American Statesman

“It's such an important book, too, as well as being a hugely enjoyable one; it's an essential part of America's history, as well as its musical one.”
Shirley Collins, MBE, Lodestar (2016) is her seventh studio album

“At long last, John Lomax’s account of his efforts to elevate folk songs to the realm of high literature is back in print. It’s a story of one man’s struggle to get singers to sing for him, scholars to pay attention, and for all Americans to hear their own history unfold before them in song. A true American odyssey.”
John Szwed, author of Alan Lomax: The Man Who Recorded the World


Hallelujah, I'm A Bum

Git Along Little Dogies

Ain't No More Cane On This Brazos

The Alamo Song

The Rattlesnake Song



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